South West companies more eco-aware

Companies in South West England are the most supportive in the UK of workplace eco-initiatives, with whereas those in the North West are the least, research finds.

According to a survey of 223 businesses by office supplier Euroffice, 95 per cent of company directors in the South West describe themselves as supportive of office environmental measures, as opposed to just 73 per cent in the North West.

London office workers are among the least eco-friendly with only 76 per cent describing themselves as such.

While many are supportive, in practice few put the good intentions into effect. Nationally, just over a quarter say their firm is involved in energy-saving schemes, and only 20 per cent say their employer encouraged them to use more environmentally-friendly means of transport.

CEO of Euroffice Simon Drakeford says, ‘While many managers and staff like the idea of being green, it appears they may not be that diligent about putting words into action. Even the most basic things like energy-saving lightbulbs, ensuring PCs are switched off at night and taking public transport, all have their role to play in reducing carbon emissions.’

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