How to stand out at a business marketing exhibition

Katie Price, director of RAL Display, talks us through the top tips for making you stand out at an exhibition.

You’ve booked a place at an exhibition! Now is your chance to get out there, showcase your business, attract more customers and watch the profits come rolling in…simple, right? There’s only one small problem, every other business at your exhibition has had the same idea.

Standing out, making a statement and attracting visitors is one your biggest challenges, so it’s vital to consider how you set up your stand. Luckily, there’s now a market packed with options for creating unique displays – all you need is the right equipment and a bit of creativity!

Katie Price from RAL Display, a UK leader in display marketing, is here to showcase the options available and help you “take a stand” at your next expo….

Exhibition essentials

Good spot – Location is a big part of success at these events, look at what companies will be around you and where you will be loacted.

Bright-eyed enthusiastic staff – Nothing is a bigger turn-off for customers than disengaged staff. Passion and enjoyment are contagious, make sure your staff understand that.

Water and snacks – All that passion can be tiring, keep staff energy levels high. Remember, if you look after your staff, your staff will look after your customers!

Display stand? – A colourful and eye catching display can hook customers in, consider investing to drive interaction.

How you advertise your company and display your message at an exhibition is vital. Choosing a display board, display stands or a pop up stand all depends on what you want to display, what space you have and the nature of your business.

Got a lot to shout about? Choose display boards

Display boards are one of the most traditional and widely used display methods at exhibitions. Folding display board kits are lightweight and highly portable, with a variety of panels from 3-10 formations that you can adapt depending on your space.

You could also choose a panel and pole display kit that allows you to create a custom layout that differs from the competition. Display boards are ideal if you need to move or adapt your stand quickly and easily. The large surfaces are also perfect if you want to display a lot of information, that you want visitors to read, rather than just some big key messages or posters.

Space saver? Squeeze in a display stand

If you have some eye-catching messages to shout about but space is an issue, then a Display Stand might be the ideal choice. Display stands are ideal for a busy retail exhibition, where you want to get short snappy messages across quickly. There’s a variety of shapes and sizes available that cater to a range of marketing literature sizes from A1 – A4. You even accessorise and attach leaflet holders that allow visitors to grab information quickly or even add an attractive space for your company brochure.

Eye catching and interactive? Pop up a pop up stand

Large, bespoke and interactive, pop up stands are a popular choice if you want to truly make a statement! Choose a curved, straight, U or L shaped stand, that is ideal for displaying stand-out messages or covering in eye-catching graphics. Pop up stands are also great for creating an interactive and visual experience that will keep your visitors hooked. Incorporate a flatscreen directly into your stand with space for a variety of screen sizes or include an iPad or tablet to get your visitors interacting with your business.

Don’t forget to accessorise!

Create something truly bespoke by adding in some more accessories. There’s a wide range of holders, snap frames, pull up banners, flags and even portable counters that you can easily add to your exhibition shopfront.

So, where do you stand?

Yes, the type of exhibition equipment you use for your display does depend on your key message, how much information you want to share and the amount of space you have.

Our recommendation for standing out? Try a Pop Up stand. They give you a vibrant, large and interactive exhibition stand that is easy to customise and ensures you have plenty of potential customers paying you a visit.

Katie Price is director at RAL Display.

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