Five reasons start-ups should plan a business launch event

Here, Sam Wright, a content writer for Cottages in Northumberland, gives five reasons why businesses should plan their launch event.

Regardless of your industry, there’s no denying that exposure to your brand can help you reap huge rewards – which is why a business launch event can be invaluable. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re debuting a new product line, what better way to spread the word than by hosting an event and inviting along your target audience?

From PR coverage to increasing your social media following, there are a number of reasons to consider planning a launch event – and today, we’re breaking down five of the most valuable.

1. Face-to-face engagement


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All too often, particularly with B2B, client relationships are carried out over the phone or via email. While these methods of communication might be the more practical way to do business, face-to-face communication shouldn’t be underestimated.

95 per cent of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships – so why not get your working relationships off to the best start by meeting prospective clients from the get-go? This way, attendees get to meet the team they would be liaising with about any future projects – and you have a chance to promote your services in person.

2. Deliver your vision

Planned and executed by you and your team, a business launch event is your chance to set out your stall, giving attendees authentic insight into your business and what it’s all about. From your physical services to your brand values, you’ll have an opportunity to shout about what’s important to you – and at a launch event, people will be willing to listen.

When it comes to the event itself, everything from the guest list to the catering will count – and the venue should also be high on your priority list. While new tech startups might consider using their creative office space as the location for the launch event, businesses in other sectors might decide to move their event into the countryside to step away from the corporate bubble. Wherever you host, by creating a highly relevant and impactful brand experience, you’ll have the best chance of making sure you’re remembered – long after the prosecco runs dry.

3. Local press coverage

Along with word of mouth, local press coverage can work wonders for your business, putting your brand in front of a fresh and relevant audience. For both your business and the venue, this kind of exposure can be great – particularly if you’re just starting out.

Ahead of your launch, contact local papers and bloggers to ask if they’d be willing to come along and take a few photographs of the evening and perhaps conduct a short interview with the head of the business. Potential clients will appreciate your willingness to be hands-on and will also value hearing directly from whoever is in charge – and by ensuring the event venue receives some exposure from local contacts, you might even be able to bag yourself a discount.

4. Social media opportunities

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When it comes to social media, today’s online users don’t need much of an excuse to check in, tweet or share a photo online. People love the chance to post to their social media accounts, so, whether you’re having a printed Instagram board designed or hosting a Twitter competition, you can encourage attendees to get involved by making sure your social media handles are visible wherever possible.

Either during or after the event, you should also spend some time following attendees back. This will allow you to stay connected and encourage brand loyalty. Bigger businesses will likely have a social media department who can take responsibility for your social accounts – but for smaller companies, it’s well worth putting a team member in charge of keeping your channels up-to-date.

5. Get your brand out there

Your event will hopefully be a roaring success – but the hard work doesn’t stop once the evening’s over. In order to turn curious event attendees into paying clients, you’ll need to think about the follow-up – and you can make this easier by making the most of the event itself.

From branded pens to business cards, attendees of business events will be accustomed to receiving freebies at the end of the evening – and if you can tie these products in with your business, even better! You don’t need a huge budget to provide people with a few goodies, and the potential rewards will be well worth the one-off expense. By decorating everything you give away with your company logo, contact details and social media handles, you can ensure attendees have all of the information they could possibly need if they decide they’d like to discuss working with you.

So, whether you’re just starting out, introducing a new product line or broadening your business offering, a launch event can bring you a variety of awards – benefiting you in both the short and long term.

Sam Wright is a content writer for Cottages in Northumberland

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