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The Business Premises small business article archive. Whether you are looking for office space, workshops or warehousing, or wanting to understand legal terms on leasehold documents from commercial agents, our expert guides and advice articles cover all you need to know.

Business management

How to do a coronavirus risk assessment on your small business premises

We explain what you should know about carrying out a coronavirus-specific risk assessment before your employees return to work

Business management

How business incubators help boost growth and innovation

Incubators can speed up the growth of start-ups and guide small companies to success. In this piece, we discuss their rise and the benefits they can bring to your business.

International Business

Top five things to consider when moving your company HQ abroad

Whether it is for tax reasons, reduced set-up costs or otherwise, here is some guidance for those who seek to move their base overseas.

Office & home working

Moving business premises: Five important things to think about

Here, we look at five of the most important things to consider when moving business premises, from security and accessibility, to managing relocation budget.

Office & home working

How to find the right business premises as a freelancer

Here, Olly Olsen looks at the options to consider when choosing the accommodation for your freelance business.


​The rise, fall and rise of the rental market

The private rental and buy-to- let markets are set for a huge overhaul amid widespread stamp duty and taxation changes.

Office & home working

Business premises: Do your research

If it's time to take your business up a level and move it out of the spare room and into a purpose-built office, it's important you get it right first time and find a space that suits both your needs and your budget.


The rise of vacant properties in the UK

There are many reasons that have contributed to the rise of vacant properties in the UK and this post takes a look at some of these issues.

Office & home working

Office space demand soars in North of England

Searches for properties across five Northern cities rose by 56 per cent last quarter year on year, compared to a 21 per cent rise in London, research finds.

Office & home working

Why having a green office boosts business performance

In this piece we explore why reducing your carbon footprint in the office is well worthwhile for your business.

Productivity Zone

Does a clean office improve productivity?

The average adult spends more time awake in work than at home. Here's why you should keep the cleanliness of work at an all-time high.

Buying and selling a company

What should I look for in a business premises?

Finding a suitable site for a business is best done by preparing a list of requirements before starting any search.

Finding and selling to customers

How Amazon Ads is supporting entrepreneurs

Digital ad campaigns aren't just for big businesses. Here's why you should be considering it...

Partner content

What are the funding options for hospitality businesses?

Hospitality businesses have faced a number of challenges in the last couple of years. Find out what funding and support is available.


6 types of business funding for UK tech companies

Here we explore six types of business funding that can help your UK tech company expand and reach its goals.

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.