Pension Schemes

Articles on company pension schemes for UK SMEs and the role they can play in attracting and retaining talent by promoting financial security for employees in achieving their long-term retirement goals.


Workplace pension schemes: What you need to know

We explain your pensions responsibilities as an employer, how to choose a pension scheme, and how you can remain compliant


Investment lies in hands of pension holders, says Sunak

Chancellor says its up to those who pay in to pensions to tell institutions they want to invest in fast-growth tech start-ups

Employing & managing staff

Staff pension schemes for small businesses

Every small business needs to offer qualifying employees a pension. But what are the rules as to who qualifies and how do you set one up?

Startup Funding and Grants

Pension funds could be a source of funding for start ups

Defined contribution pension schemes could be a source of funding for start up companies if Government investment proposals get support

Employing & managing staff

Pension tax relief disparity among higher and lower paid staff

Uncertainty remains for millions of low paid workers as to whether they will get tax relief on their pension contributions, according to one pension provider. Employers need to consider carefully the way in which their pension scheme works. Stephanie Spicer reports


FTSE 350 companies’ level of support for pension schemes sinks

Companies’ ability to fulfil pension schemes promises at its lowest level since the recession- according to PwC’s Pension Support Index.


Workplace pension chaos: How UK firms might be paying unnecessary fines

Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of auto-enrolment fines could have been incorrectly issued to a huge number of employers, new research reveals.


Small businesses facing fines for missing government auto-enrol deadline

The UK's small companies face being slapped with around £25 million of fines for missing the government's auto-enrolment deadline, a study finds.

Business management

How five small businesses prepared for auto-enrolment

We speak to business owners about the lead-up to pension provision and the matters that affected them.


The FAMR review: What does it mean for small businesses? 

As more and more small businesses look to provide support to employees struggling to manage their retirement savings, the Financial Advice Market Review couldn't have come at a better time, says Andrew Firth.

Business management

SMEs and pension freedom: One year on

Adam Tavener discusses the options for company owners who want to use their pension for business funding.

Employing & managing staff

Auto-enrolment: Do not put off the inevitable

Despite many companies' staging date having been and gone, there is still an alarming number of employers who are unaware of auto-enrolment.

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.

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Why you need a business bank account

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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Business management

How to create good cashflow habits

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