R&D Tax Credits

The R&D Tax Credits and Relief small business archive. The government’s R&D tax relief incentives were first introduced in 2000. They are designed to encourage innovation and increase research and development budgets within UK companies. The articles in this section offer guides and tips for SMEs to ensure they claim their full entitlements.


A quarter of R&D tax relief lost to fraud and error 

HMRC says the scheme for small businesses was responsible for £1bn of lost payouts between 2020 and 2021.


HMRC doubles payout time for R&D tax relief

Taxman double the length of time smaller companies have to wait to get R&D tax credits paid out from one month to two months as it combats what it sees as growing fraud.


How businesses can maximise their R&D tax credit benefits

Mark Joyner of RDS shares his knowledge of R&D tax credits, outlining just who can apply and what they could expect to receive


Sunak eyes reining in small business R&D tax credits

Chancellor frustrated at the lack of investment by small businesses, despite offering what he says is one of the most generous tax regimes for R&D investment in the world


Cash in on tax credits – how to claim for R&D

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a tax relief based on your company’s investment in innovative technology


7 tax myths for small business owner/managers exploded

As we head into the new tax year, Stuart Clark of Russell & Russell sorts out fact from fiction, putting money in your pocket


Small businesses applaud Conservative business reform pledges

Small businesses and larger company directors both give thumbs-up to new Government's pledges to upgrade infrastructure and reform business rates


Why small businesses are missing out on millions in R&D tax credit relief

Failed innovations can still reward a business’s bottom line, providing extra capital which can be reinvested through the research and development (R&D) and Patent Box tax credits. Mark Tighe explains.


Growth hack: Tap Into R&D tax credits

You might be missing out on R&D tax credits – here's how they work and what schemes you should be applying for.


Millions in R&D tax relief overlooked by SMEs

Thousands of businesses are missing out on valuable tax breaks for research and development that can help to fund IT development and technological improvements, a study finds.


SMEs face crackdown on R&D relief claims

Here, Scott Henderson, managing director at R&D tax relief specialist Jumpstart, explores the changes to R&D tax relief to small businesses.


R&D tax credits: What qualifies for credit in your business

Matthew Barton, audit, accounts and personal tax manager, explains how businesses can qualify for R&D tax credits.

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