Sick Leave

Articles, guides and advice on managing sick leave as a small business.


An essential guide to Statutory Sick Pay for employers

We explain what Statutory Sick Pay is, who is eligible, how it works, and how much it’s going to cost you.

Employing & managing staff

Can I send an employee home if they have Covid?

What do I do if a staff member has Covid symptoms? Can I send them home to stop them infecting other staff? How much should I pay them to self-isolate? Claire Williams from CIPHR offers advice

Employing & managing staff

Do I have to pay staff who are self-isolating?

Do you have to pay employees who are self-isolating full wage because they’ve been pinged by NHS Test and Trace? If so, what help is available?

Employing & managing staff

Dismissing staff on long term sick leave

What should you do if you suspect one staff member is malingering? Deliberate work avoidance can affect your whole team’s morale, says Sue Temelty

Employing & managing staff

How do bank holidays affect statutory sick pay?

I have to make an employee redundant. She has been on long-term sick leave, has three years of service, and our annual leave policy is 22 days plus all English bank holidays. Must I pay her for bank holidays while she has been off?

Legal advice

Sick leave – Making changes to company sickness policy

Is it possible to make changes to our company sickness policy? Peter Done of HR consultancy Peninsula answers the question

Employing & managing staff

Coronavirus: what are your sick pay obligations if your staff self-isolate?

We answer some of they key questions around what to do about statutory sick pay (SSP) when your staff are required to self-isolate

Employing & managing staff

Statutory sick pay minimum payments for employees

What is the minimum I am legally required to pay in sick leave for part-time and full-time workers?

Employing & managing staff

Football fever: how to handle ‘sick’ leave

To save staff calling in sick after tonight's World Cup semi-final, is it worth being more flexible with their working hours? Conor McArdle of Brighter Business explains how to cope.

Employing & managing staff

Why do employees lie when they are sick?

Here, Dr Mark Winwood, director of psychological services for AXA PPP healthcare, discusses why employees might not be truthful about how sick they are.

Employing & managing staff

Could employers do more to support employees diagnosed with cancer?

It’s World Cancer Day next week and with cancer rates rising Punter Southall Health & Protection give their advice on how employers can better support employees diagnosed with cancer.

Employing & managing staff

Is this the end for National Sickie day?

2017 statistics show National Sickie Day is no more, with employees more likely to take Monday off than any other day.

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