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80 per cent of UK tech start-ups investing in skills to mitigate gaps

With almost half of small businesses surveyed by the Department for Education citing a lack of skilled staff as a concern, investment in this challenge proves widespread among UK tech start-ups

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Solving the skills gap: Cultivating the future data analyst employee

We have all read about the dreaded IT skills gap that threatens to stifle innovation and growth. Recent research shows that children are now more likely to want to work in social media than traditional careers, leading to further concerns of shortages in STEM careers.


Skills shortages plague SMEs across the world

British small businesses set to invest in staff training to offset skills gaps found in the business according to a new global study.


Employers risk fuelling UK skills crisis

According to the new findings, almost two thirds of UK professionals say that they are not equipped with the skills to do their job.


Skills gap wider in London than the rest of the country

More than four in ten of Britain’s SME owners have had difficulties recruiting the right people for their business.


Outsourcing to become vital digital strategy as SMEs face digital skills gap

Small businesses should consider outsourcing their work to specialist companies to cover the growing skills gap.


How small businesses can bridge the tech skills gap

The tech skills gap is widening with each passing year in the UK, and we need to be clever if we’re going to find a way to bridge it, says Paul Haydock.


Employers frustrated by skills gap 

The government has set up another consultation with employers to find out how to create a more effective and skilled workforce.


SMEs get help to close skills gap

A shortage of skilled workers is predicted to cause headaches for UK small and medium-sized businesses, according to research from the Department for Education & Skills. However, help could be at hand from the academic world.

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