Teambuilding ideas for a remote workforce

Modern working environments have come a long way from the old-fashioned cubicles. Office space is made to resemble a big creative workshop, a birthplace of ideas and business solutions. This has helped companies achieve more significant results while keeping the co-working spirit alive.

Some offices, however, don’t have their whole workforce at a single location. Technological advances have enabled companies to outsource much of their workforce to remote locations, in order to build an expert team comprised of people from all over the world.

While this may be excellent for business, you also need to ensure the happiness of your employees. Read more here about some online games you can play as a form of individual competition or a duel and go through the following teambuilding ideas – you are bound to boost morale in your virtual workplace.

Virtual coffee breaks

Very often, members of a remote workforce are so far apart that meeting in person is a complicated affair. While a once-a-year corporate event could help this purpose, virtual coffee breaks are much easier to organize.

Set up a certain time during the workday in which each of your employees gets their own cup and meet at your virtual coffee shop through a video conference.

Workspace decoration challenge

Each team member may be working in a separate, remote location, but they all have a specific workspace which they use. It is both personal and professional, so it is the perfect place to start when getting to know colleagues.

Make it in the form of a challenge with some kind of a reward for first place, just to get people motivated.

Team calendar

This teambuilding idea is most suitable for a remote workforce that has already established some mutual contact. Managing professional and personal time can be difficult at times, and the idea behind a team calendar is to consolidate it all in one place.

Using calendar software and special marks or color-coding, each co-worker can put down key life and business events, or plans.

That way, everyone can share as much as they like, and the added benefit is that you can check the person’s activity for a certain date before deciding whether to bother them with a business matter.

A digital & private water cooler

Just because you belong to a remote workforce doesn’t mean you should be deprived of the mythical place where co-workers go to chat and relieve stress in the middle of a business day. Aside from a corporate communication tool like Skype or Yammer, you can use Slack, per say, and create a chat group with a wacky name where you can complain about the Sunday family lunch using your smartphone.

Include physical activity

No one is suggesting you hold a corporate ‘fun-run’ through a video conference – just choose a trendy physical activity and have everyone do it. You can use some of the fitness apps to track everyone’s progress and have company-funded rewards (shirts or mugs with the logo) for every participant.

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