The Golden Rules for internet advertising

Advertisers hoping to exploit the internet more effectively should pay close attention to the Five Golden Rules for Internet Advertising, a guide recently produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The production of the guide (which is actually the result of a comprehensive survey) is very timely as recent research by the IAB showed that internet advertising was growing at a faster rate than any other medium – between 2000 and 2001 the market has increased 42%.

Moreover, the arrival of broadband technology widens the capabilities of web advertising further.

The first rule is that SIZE DOES MATTER. Larger ads are significantly more effective than smaller ones. The IAB’s investigations showed that adverts in a larger format are up to 6 times more effective than smaller ones.

The second rule is that TARGETTING INCREASES EFFECTIVENESS. Planning a campaign to place adverts where the appropriate audience will see them is more likely to produce better returns.

Rule 3 involves planning the frequency of a campaign. The level of frequency varies depending on the campaign, but it is possible to determine the optimal number of exposures through testing.

The research shows that many marketers are not maximising the effectiveness of their campaigns because they underexpose them. The optimal frequency is higher than most advertisers think and so the general rule is that INCREASING FREQUENCY INCREASES EFFECTIVENESS.

The fourth rule is an extension of this – BE BOLD WITH YOUR LOGO. The prominent and powerful use of a logo in an internet campaign has a significant impact on a consumer. The consistent presence of a logo can double brand awareness.

The fifth and final golden rule is CUT THE CLUTTER. Plain artwork is often more effective than more detailed and complex designs that a consumer will be less likely to remember. Simple images have more impact and are more likely to stick in the mind.

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