The value of self belief when starting a business

Confidence is a wonderful thing, especially so given how many people wish they had it.

Plenty of lives meander and drift because finding that self-belief to take a chance isn’t easy.

Nearly 500 of you responded to the latest poll: Why can’t you start a business? Thirty-one per cent of respondents said that fear of failure held them back, showing that confidence is an issue although, of course, starting your own business is always going to be a risk, especially if you have a mortgage, family and other commitments.

Twenty-five per cent of respondents said they lacked the right idea (confidence again?), while the same proportion wanted better access to information. Given the relentless economic gloom at the moment, it’s surprising – and encouraging – to see that only 11 per cent don’t want to start a business due to timing.

Maybe we should have also asked whether red tape was a deterrent. It’s a bugbear of start-ups and former winner of The Apprentice, Tim Campbell, tells that more needs to be done to ease the costly burden of dealing with HR and employment legislation.

A curious ruling from the European Court of Justice may add to the raft of grievances already out there after it was adjudged that employees can take all the holiday they have accrued while on long-term sick leave. If they never return to work, they are entitled to a rather juicy payment too.

From an employers’ point of view, that’s exactly what isn’t needed when the chips are down.

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