Top affiliate programmes in three popular affiliate niches

Here, we talk about the most important considerations for your business when starting in affiliate marketing.

When you first get started in affiliate marketing, there is one big choice that you have to make right away: are you going to use the Internet presence you already have, relying on your interests to direct what affiliate programmes you advertise; or are you going to look for profitable affiliate niches and stake your claim there?

For many, it’s a no-brainer; you got into affiliate marketing to make extra money, not because you specifically love doing Internet marketing. So why wouldn’t you choose to work in the most popular affiliate niches?

What are the most profitable affiliate niches?

Before you can start looking for the top affiliate programmes to advertise, you’ve got to find out what affiliate niches you’re going to work in. There are hundreds or thousands of niches, and each can be presented to multiple audiences with just a few tweaks. However, these three affiliate niches are considered some of the most profitable (and evergreen) available:

  • Health: Superstar affiliate John Crestani built his six-figure affiliate marketing business in the health niche. He promotes fitness supplements, but others promote exercise equipment, natural medical cures, or dieting programmes.
  • Wealth: Did you know that you can be an affiliate marketer for affiliate marketing? It’s true. You can also market gambling, forex investing, and other wealth-growing opportunities.

  • Romance: Online dating websites, self-help books, couples’ programmes, and more all fall under the romance category. As one of the most popular affiliate niches, this marketing opportunity is easily promoted to a wide variety of audiences because you don’t have to have a certain lifestyle for romance to apply.

These three niches are a great place to start if you’re looking for the top affiliate programmes in affiliate marketing.

Top affiliate programmes

The top affiliate programmes in health include:

  • RXProfits, which is the highest paying CPA online pharmacy affiliate marketing programme.
  • MarketHealth, which can be promoted as both a health program and a beauty programme.
  • India Herbs, which sells natural herbal remedies for Ayurvedic treatments that can be marketed to both the holistic health audience and the yoga or spiritual audience.

The top affiliate programmes in wealth include:

  • MPactWealth. This company produces webinars, video training, and eBooks to help people learn how to become financially successful. As an affiliate marketing partner, you’ll help consumers find these valuable tools.
  • OptionsXpress, the stock-trading platform created by banking giant Charles Schwab, has one of the top affiliate marketing programs for those who want to help consumers find ways to grow their own wealth.
  • The Street is another digital company that helps consumers find practical ideas on financial health from experts around the world. As an affiliate, you’ll help consumers learn how to take advantage of the stock market and other investments.

The top affiliate programmes in romance include:

  • All Romance Books. Market this to readers or to those looking to spice up their love lives. As an affiliate, you simply link to eBooks in the All Romance store.
  • The Romantic is a website run by a relationships expert, filled with tips on love, dating, marriage, sex, and relationships. Affiliates help sell eBooks through the website.

These are some of the best affiliate marketing programmes directly from the producers in the most popular affiliate niches. If you’ve decided not to go with an affiliate company, but you don’t want to spend your time building the perfect audience for a less than popular niche, these programs are a great way to get started making money today with affiliate marketing.

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