Why your digital marketing strategy needs a refresh

Here, we look at why you may need to put your marketing strategy at the top of the priority list.

A tired marketing strategy isn’t going to do any good to your engagement when it comes to digital. That’s why if you’ve been working off the same well worn spreadsheets and keyword list and haven’t had a look at your personas in a while, then it might be time to give things a refresh. And we don’t mean grabbing the Febreze and spritzing over things, we mean taking things back to basics and starting over. It’s easier than you think as long as you accept that you need a different approach – and can understand why it’s necessary.

Here’s why you may need to give your digital marketing strategy a refresh:

You haven’t properly considered mobile

Mobile should be top of the agenda and if you haven’t started thinking about it, we’re afraid to say you’re lagging way behind your competitors. You should always be thinking about how you’re going to adapt a page or a piece of content for mobile viewers – who account for half of all views by the way. If someone lands on a website that isn’t responsive, or one that is but isn’t particularly easy to use, then it’s likely they’re going to click off fairly quickly.

Your personas are always evolving

People’s needs and tastes are constantly evolving as we find new ways of doing things. For example, someone who was searching for a product to buy won’t necessarily want to know where a physical store is to purchase it from – they may well want to buy it there and then and they want it delivered as soon as possible. Your marketing strategy needs to cater for the purchasing behaviour and tastes of your customers – and adapt when this changes.

Data is more important than ever

Understanding why you’re doing things is important. Otherwise you’re just going into your digital marketing strategy blind. However, gaining access to data isn’t always easy if you can’t use the right tools. This is why it might pay to use the services of a digital marketing agency that specialises in putting together informative strategies. They might be able to point you in the right direction or even towards a concept you hadn’t considered before but that has the opportunity to drive your reach and engagement to higher levels.

You haven’t been keeping up with your site audit

A site audit will let you know what needs fixing, to improve search visibility and ranking. So, if you have one of these to work through it’s time to start prioritising things that need to be fixed. This means going over broken links, checking meta and ensuring your URL structure is helping rather than hindering your efforts. If this rings true then it’s time to incorporate these issues into your marketing strategy, give your focus a refresh and actually start seeing results.

Video is overtaking traditional content

According to Hubspot, 43 per cent of people want to see more video in marketing content so this suggests that it’s time to consider your video strategy and incorporate this into your plans. Your competitors are likely doing it already, so have a sneak peek at what they’re putting out to give you an idea of what is being well received – then make yours even better.

Blog content length is key

If you’ve been putting together a minimal amount of blog content for your website, short in both word length and quantity, then this is another reason you perhaps need a marketing strategy refresh. Content of 1,000 words or more appears to be the winning number, as Moz and Buzzsumo confirmed in a study that suggested most of the top ranking content online contained longer word counts.

Ready to give your digital marketing strategy a kick start? Take a look at these key factors and ensure you’re on track to beating your competitors and improving engagement and reach.

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