3 simple ways a smart meter could help your business 

Watch this easy to digest video explainer on the key benefits of installing a smart meter in your business

You may have heard that smart meters can benefit small businesses, but you might not know how.

In this helpful video, we break down three important ways a smart meter could help you and your business. 

#1 Accuracy

Smart meters track your energy use in near real-time and automatically send readings directly to your supplier.

This means your bills will be accurate and not estimated, ensuring you only pay for the energy your business uses.

#2 Sustainability

By having a smart meter installed, you’re helping to build a smarter energy system for Great Britain.

They send accurate meter readings, so there’s a much clearer picture of how energy demand changes throughout the day, month or year.

This helps our energy system to better cope with surges in demand and in the future, prioritise the use of renewables over fossil fuels.

#3 Control

Smart meters could give you more control over your business’s energy spend thanks to the data they provide.

You may be able to get a display with your smart meter or track your usage online and could see how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence by day, week, and month.

Being more aware of how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it means you can make small changes to make your business more efficient.

For more information about the benefits of installing a smart meter in your workplace, visit the Smart Energy GB at smartenergyGB.org 

This article is part of a paid-for information campaign for Smart Energy GB.

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