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Articles and guides on the use of smart meters for energy efficiency for UK small businesses and SMES.

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Ask the expert: How do smart meters work?

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5 misconceptions about how to lower your business energy bills

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5 benefits for your business of getting a smart meter you might not know

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What are the benefits of smart meters for business customers?

You may have heard that installing a smart meter can give your business a boost, but how exactly? Here are five key areas where smart meters can really make a difference

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3 simple ways a smart meter could help your business 

Watch this easy to digest video explainer on the key benefits of installing a smart meter in your business

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Why your small business needs a smart meter

In this quickfire video, find out the key ways a smart meter could help your business – and how to get one

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The 3 biggest benefits of smart meters for small businesses

A smart meter can help you deal with rising energy prices by improving the accuracy of your bills and helping you take greater control of your energy usage

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Smart meters for business: Your FAQs answered

Here, we explore the frequently asked questions about smart meters for small businesses

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Smart meters for your business: Everything you need to know

A smart meter may help your business save money and time - find out how smart meters work, how to get one, and what they cost

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Do small businesses care about climate change?

With the stark warnings issued during the COP26 climate summit still a recent memory – and COP27 scheduled for next autumn – what are UK small businesses doing to help reduce carbon emissions and heal the planet?

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How smart meters can empower consumers to engage with their energy use

Smart meters are a great invention, helping people rid themselves of unnecessary meter readings and, potentially, reducing energy waste. But what role do consumers themselves play in making the most of this technology?

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How to turn a crisis into an opportunity for small businesses – going green during the pandemic

In this second interview, The Syrup Room explore how they became more sustainable during the pandemic by gaining control over their energy bills

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