The 3 biggest benefits of smart meters for small businesses

A smart meter can help you deal with rising energy prices by improving the accuracy of your bills and helping you take greater control of your energy usage

With global events pushing up wholesale energy prices, and despite limited government intervention to control costs, there’s never been a better time to adopt any measures you can to better manage your business energy usage and budget.

Smart meters, which are currently being rolled out across Great Britain, can help you just do that.

Using a secure smart data network, smart meters automatically send monthly gas and electricity readings directly to your energy provider. This means your bills are more accurate and there’s no longer a need for you to submit manual readings.

If your business has fewer than 10 employees, you may be eligible for a smart meter. But first, check out the three biggest smart meter benefits for business below.

Why does my business need a smart meter in 60 seconds?

A smart meter automatically sends gas and electricity readings to your energy supplier, which ensures your bills are accurate and frees you up to focus on the more rewarding and important aspects of running your business. By giving you the opportunity to monitor your energy usage, smart meters also give you greater control, allowing you to identify times of peak use, reduce unnecessary use and budget better.  

Simplified and more accurate bills

As a small business owner, it’s easy to get bogged down in all those essential but menial day-to-day tasks, meaning you can struggle to find time to devote to your grander ambitions. That’s why anything that can reduce the burden of administrative tasks is such a godsend.

With a smart reader, readings are taken in near real-time and sent directly to your supplier once a month. That means your bills are more accurate, you’ll only pay for the energy you actually use, and with no need to take manual readings, you’ll have more time to spend on the most important task of all: growing your business. 

Gain greater control over your energy usage

Understanding and gaining control over your business energy usage with a traditional meter can be challenging.

With a smart meter, it could be much easier. If you receive an In-Home Display (IHD), you can see exactly how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence by day, week, and month. This gives you greater control by helping you to identify when and why you’re using more energy and take steps to cut down and save money.

Help protect the environment

Every business needs to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and help achieve Net Zero by 2050. But how can a smart meter help?

In two ways. Firstly, by having a smart meter installed on your business premises, you’re contributing to the creation of a smarter nationwide energy system. By providing suppliers with more accurate readings, they gain a much clearer picture of how energy demand changes throughout the day and year. This helps them to plan for peak times and prioritise the use of renewables over fossil fuels when meeting demand. 

Secondly, if you are able to monitor your energy usage with an IHD, you can cut down on unnecessary usage and help to reduce carbon emissions.

Next steps

Any small business with fewer than 10 employees could be eligible for a smart meter. So, if you’re ready for more accurate billing and greater control of your energy usage, contact your supplier for more information about smart meter installation. It takes just two hours and can take place at a time that’s convenient for you.

If you run your business from a domestic premises, you should also be eligible for a smart meter – every home in Great Britain will be offered one by the end of 2025. And if you’re in a rented premises, as long as you pay the bills, you can request a smart meter.

Depending on your supplier and your tariff, you may even be able to get a smart meter at no extra cost. However, some businesses may still be charged for a part of the upgrade or for access to their energy data usage.

For more information about the benefits of installing a smart meter in your workplace, visit the Smart Energy GB at

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